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  • Saturday Night Lights

    Can you think of anything better than football in the South? The food, the tailgates, the game? You're hard pressed to find anyone in the South doing anything else on Saturday in the fall than tailgating in a parking lot, sitting in the stands or on their couch at home cheering on their favorite team.

    We're right in the thick of football season and can't think of a more exciting time of the year. As you gear up for the upcoming games in the weeks ahead, head on over to our shop page to find our favorite game day looks.

    What's hot right now? Our Double Trouble Tank paired with our White Denim Skirt is our customers (and owners) go to look. Also, our Paris Nights Dress can be paired with a jean jacket, plaid shirt or Converse. We'd love to hear what your favorite game day looks are, so use the hashtag #sweetmagnolia so we can see and comment :)

  • Sweet Magnolia

    Have you ever had some crazy, huge, amazing dream, but feared that you didn't have the right resources, time, effort, energy, or what ever bajillion other excuses there are out there? Have you ever wanted something so bad, the thought of it dwindled in the back of your head like a pesky little mosquito on a hot summer day? Have you ever felt like just when things start looking like they were going to work out it thunderstorms so hard it drowns out all hopes of ever coming into being? 

    Well, that's kind of how we felt as we began the slightly (very) intimidating process of starting our own online business. It was a whirlwind process that often times felt unlikely, but with perseverance and support we were able to launch Sweet Magnolia Boutique!

    Hi! We're Joyce and Ashlee and we are the co - founders of Sweet Magnolia Boutique. We began the process of launching our business at the beginning of Summer 2017. Our dream of opening up a business together was made only brighter by our shared love of fashion, hopes of working for ourselves and empowering women just like you to be their best self.

    Ashlee is a Georgia Peach who loves everything about the south. From the sweet hospitable nature of its people, the loyalty to traditions, and the breathtaking landscape that sprawls across the southeast. Joyce is a Sweet Vermonter who left her northern roots and moved down to the sunny bay of Florida with her husband. Joyce loves her children, online shopping and is one of the kindest, most tender-hearted people you could ever meet. We have a special relationship, as Ashlee is currently dating Joyce's youngest son, Matthew. We had an instantaneous connection and love shopping together, swooning over sunsets in the bay, and doting on our men. 

    So, why the name Sweet Magnolia Boutique? We wanted a name that embodied characteristics and elements important to us. Magnolia's span across most of the Southeast and are even the state flower of Mississippi. Magnolia's are meant to symbolize a woman's purity, nobility, gentleness, dignity, beauty, and grace. It is Sweet Magnolia's philosophy that all women are beautiful, have value and should be treated like the precious flower that they are. It is our hope that our clothes will empower women to realize their value and enable them to become their best self.